October 2023

Buyer urgency is back, and house prices have lifted!

In the past month, we noticed a slight decrease in home sales, but the good news is that overall sales have gone up by almost 30% compared to last year! This shows that the market is getting stronger.

We've also seen more homes for sale this spring, and the average sale price has gone up by $27,500, which is a positive sign.

Several things are contributing to this good news, like better weather, a new government, and a general feeling that the market has improved.

One interesting thing we've noticed is that more people are interested in buying homes. Our open houses are getting more visitors, more homes are being auctioned, there are more multi offers on homes indicating a competitive and dynamic market.

People in the community, like mortgage brokers and valuers, are getting more inquiries, which suggests that the market is picking up.

Looking ahead, we expect home sales to keep increasing in the next few months and throughout 2024. If you're thinking about selling, take advantage of the current demand and position yourself ahead of the anticipated increase in listings this January.

As we approach the festive season, know that Ray, Christine, and the team are working through the Christmas and New Year period. If you want to capitalize on the current buyer demand, we are here to get you sold. If you are looking to buy, we would love to help you into your next property venture.

If you or someone you know is contemplating selling in such a strong market, don’t delay and talk to us today about an up to date market appraisal and how to set the right strategy to achieve a premium sale price for your property.

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