First impressions are everything when it comes to selling your property. Ensuring you are prepared for the photographers appointment will enable a smooth photo shoot and will allow the photographer to tell a better visual story of your home. Below is a check list to guide you in preparing your home for the photo shoot.

Interior shot of bedroom
  • Check that all light bulbs are working as they will assist in enhancing the rooms. If you have bed side lamps check to see if they are plugged in and ready to use.
  • Remove all fridge magnets and associated paraphernalia.
  • The kitchen should be free of dishes, racks and any general clutter.
  • All main living areas should be free from general items such as newspapers and personal effects. The least clutter the better.
  • Any bedroom that is used as a store room and thereby crowded with boxes etc will not be photographed.
  • All bedrooms that are to be photographed, check that bedspreads are covering the under
  • sheets etc. Please have no loose items of clothing or discarded items on the floor.
  • Bathrooms are an important room of display and they appear much better if uncluttered without toiletries and towels on display.
  • Inside of wardrobes and cupboards will not be photographed.
  • Lawns and gardens need to be neat and tidy with hose pipes stored away, remove any
  • unnecessary objects that risk distracting the eye.
  • If you have a dog or cat, remove food, water bowls, bedding and droppings / litter trays.
  • Patios and alfresco areas should be as uncluttered as possible and any outside tables free from any objects that do not compliment the setting.
  • Have a final inspection and remove or remedy anything that looks out of place. The Photographer will give advice if adjustments need to be made, however please be mindful of the Photographers time.